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Lease Hire Air Conditioning from TKAC


  Tax Efficient & Affordable Air

  Conditioning from

Lease Hire Air Conditioning from TKAC

Lease Air Conditioning is intrinsically linked to Turn Key Air Conditioning and we would like to join our partners in thanking Newgate Air Systems for allowing us to promote our services on their website.

Air Conditioning – Affordable, Tax Efficient Lease Finance

Lease Hire Air Conditioning from TKAC

Many businesses don't consider installing air conditioning because they believe it is a luxury they simply can't afford. In most cases this is wrong on two counts. The fact is, air conditioning is less expensive than many people expect. And in the 21st century nobody would consider central heating or hot water on demand to be luxury. In this day and age, our customers, clients and service users expect a working environment that is maintained to a certain level.

There is, however, no getting away from the fact that without the right planning, air conditioning can be a relatively large capital outlay on any building project. For this reason, when plans are drawn up and expenses identified, air conditioning is often the cost that is cut, often after initial plans had been approved.

Many companies, new businesses especially, have told us they will look at air conditioning again when finances allow. As a result these companies do not create the premises they had imagined and yet when they do come back to us to improve the working and trading environment, they discover it would have been cheaper and far easier to install air conditioning at the design and build phase.

There is a solution to the problem and that is Lease Finance from Lease Air Conditioning

100% Tax Efficient Air Conditioning for New Businesses

Cash flow is a problem for every business but rarely more so when a new business is starting out. New businesses have many and heavy demands on their cash at the time when they can afford it the least. Lease finance avoids any large capital outlay and has the advantages of:

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Payments unaffected by interest rate movements
  • No other security required
  • It preserves lines of credit for other applications
  • Payments for air conditioning are 100% Tax Allowable

Advantages of Lease Hire Air Conditioning for Established Businesses

Finance lease rentals for the installation of air condition are allowable against pre-tax profits. This means that the capital and the interest costs of the purchase of air conditioning from TKAC can be offset against tax during the lease period, with the leasing payments deducted as a trading expense.

In most cases, Lease Air Conditioning can usually arrange for lease finance to cover the total project including ceilings, partitions, lighting, data cabling and heating.

At the end of the lease period ownership of the equipment transfers to the client for a pre-agreed nominal sum.

Lease Hire Air Conditioning – Benefits for Property Developers

Having air conditioning installed during the build or refurbishment phase avoids an expensive retro fit at a later date. Most of the costs of the whole project can be written off against tax. Contact us for further information.

Benefits for Consulting Engineers & Architects

In our experience, architects and civil engineers understand the advantage of planning every stage of the building project from the very beginning. Allowing for work to be carried out at a later date lead to compromises and increased long term costs to the customer.

Lease finance for air conditioning minimises the risk of project rejection because of unnecessary budget constraints on behalf of the client. To make the costs even more affordable, consultancy fees can also be included in the agreement.

Finance Agreements for Air Conditioning Equipment, Installation & Maintenance

Lease Air Conditioning is supported by Wyse Leasing. Wyse Leasing have over 20 years experience as a broker for asset and technology projects. Wyse Leasing is one of the UK's leading independent finance and leasing intermediaries. Wyse Leasing offers a wide range of financing solutions including traditional finance arrangements such as lease or hire purchase arrangements as well as more innovative financial programs to help individual customers meet their equipment needs.

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We are always happy to talk to new and existing customer about their plans.

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