Fume & Dust Extraction & Collection Consultancy – Saves You Money

Many industrial and laboratory activities generate dust and fumes which must be dealt with in compliance with health & safety regulations. We see many dust and fume extraction systems which either fail to meet the H&S requirements, or do so at an unnecessarily high cost, due to incorrect specification and design. Newgate Air Systems has very strong design skills and we also invest in the latest air quality measurement equipment, to ensure that we design and install cost effective fume extraction and dust extraction and collection systems.
Call us now to arrange a visit by a consultant to investigate, advise and design a cost effective extraction & control system to save you money!
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Recognised Dust / Fume Extraction Specialists – UK & Europe

In many of our industrial extraction contracts we have to deal with several dust and fume hazards in one combined project. Newgate Air Systems is called in to such projects both in the UK and in Europe, because of our reputation for designing extraction & control systems that work in the most demanding of industrial environments. Companies know they can rely on us to design and install the most efficient, cost effective and lasting extraction solution.

Newgate Air Systems Limited

Air Pollution Control Consultancy & Design Expertise

We are able to offer a range of air quality consultancy service, including COSHH LEV testing. For our dust and fume extraction projects, our qualified and highly experienced engineer will visit on site and appraise the situation. He will then design a system calculated to deal with all air quality issues, as efficiently as possible.

Dust Extraction Filter Supply

Not only does Newgate Air Systems design, manufacture and install dust and fume extraction systems, we also supply replacement filter equipment. We carry in stock a comprehensive range of filters and related equipment such as Dust Cartridges, Filter Bags, Panel Filters, Cages, Inserts, Control Panels & Gauges.
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If you have a dust / fume extraction & control project to discuss then please email details to us or call us on 0191 262 3015.

Fume Extraction & Control, Dust Extraction, Control & Collection Systems. Welding Fume & Woodworking Dust Extraction & Collection, Spray Boot Extraction & Ventilation. COSHH & LEV Testing. Dust Cartridges, Filter Bags, Panel Filters, Cages, Inserts, Control Panels & Gauges.

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