Please see below some FAQ relating to Dust & Fume Extraction:-

Q - What makes Newgate different from the competition?

A - We have all the facilities and expertise under one roof, our fabrication facilities are on site. With Newgate your job doesn't join a que in a third party fabrication workshop. We are specifically set up for dust and fume extraction work.

Q - Can you do bespoke extraction designs?

A - Yes we can do bespoke design, fabrication and installation. We control all manufacture, which helps to keep down cost of bespoke projects - and also their timescale. We also keep stocks of spiro pipe, tubing, hose and filters for extraction units.

Q - Do you carry spares for your extraction units?

A - Yes, Newgate are stockists for a number of manufacturers of cartridges, filter bags, panel filters, cages, inserts, gauges and control panels.

Q - Do you undertake LEV inspection and testing?

A - Yes we do, Newgate Air Systems are COSHH & LEV Testing specialists.

Q - Do you offer dust & fume extraction consultancy?

A - Yes, we offer a full consultancy, investigation and design service. We put at your disposal over 30 years experience in industrial extraction. We can design and install a system to make your workplace compliant, at the minimum cost.

Dust & Fume Extraction, Consultancy, System Design, Installation & Servicing. Spares Stockist, LEV Testing & Bespoke System Design & Build

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