Forge / Furnace Extraction & Control

In such facilities, the extraction system must cope with general fume and dust from forging and furnace activities. This will often also involve quench tank extraction.

Casting Plant Extraction, including Steam Extraction

Casting plant extraction is often found in large scale facilities using automated casting cells. In such environments steam extraction is often also required.

Machining Facilities – Fume & Oil Mist Extraction

Large scale milling and grinding machine facility extraction frequently requires a combination of fume and oil mist extraction. Individual machine extraction will often be integrated into such a system.

Motor Vehicle Workshop

In this demanding environment, flexible point of source vehicle exhaust emission extraction is usually specified. For details of such fume extraction projects please visit Fume Extraction Case Studies page.

Laboratory Fume Extraction

Point of source extract, such as flexible extraction arms and local plenum / hood
fume cupboards / cabinets are used in laboratories.

If you have a challenging fume extraction requirement and need advice on the most appropriate fume extraction system to meet your health & safety responsibilities, we have the expertise to solve your problem. Please e-mail us or call us now on 0191 262 3015.

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